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"I turned to 2nd2no1 K9 Life Coaching when I was  at my wits end with my dog. I had a 100 pound Newfoundland puppy that was out of control. She'd been kicked out of obedience classes, doggie day care and was on the verge of being released by her dog walker because of her terrible recall. A friend who had a great experience at Woofgang's Doggie Daycare where Scott trains, referred me to him. She had observed his positive reinforcement training techniques first hand and knew he was highly effective .  Because of her horrible 'track record' I was shocked that after my dog's very first session with Scott I saw an improvement in her and after just two sessions her overall obedience and recall vastly improved.  Scott didn't just show us training techniques, he showed me how to build on the bond I have with my dog.  The quality of my relationship with her has improved immensely because of his training and that's been invaluable to me.  I recommend Scott and 2nd2no1 Dog Training whole heartedly and unreservedly to anyone who has a training need with their dog."


   My husband and I met Scott just few days after we adopted our 9 month border collie mix.  We met at Woofgang's where we planned to take Oscar for daycare until we learned from his evaluation that he was afraid of other dogs.  When Scott threw him a ball, it was stunning and a bit sad to see him completely disconnected from the experience.  He did not run after it like all of the other playful, energetic dogs.  What we thought was mellow temperament turned out to be timidity as a result of being in a shelter and a lack of socialization.  In Scott's words, he just needed to learn how to be a dog.  And that is exactly what happened! If you've ever met Scott, then you know that he genuinely has a "Dog Whisperer" aura.  He began teaching Oscar some basic commands and soon got down on the ground to make eye contact and bond with Oscar.  You could see the connection was instant and that Scott knew what he was doing and talking about.  We hired Scott immediately and after just 2 weeks, Oscar was ready to interact with other dogs.  Scott hand-selected the dogs that Oscar would meet and worked with him patiently and consistently for half days first and then full days until Oscar became a regular at Woofgang's able to interact and play on his own.  It was like he had a guardian angel at daycare who we completely trusted and was able to help Oscar get the important dog-dog socialization he didn't get as a puppy. And with respect to ball playing, Oscar is now one of the most happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic dogs at the dog park!  In fact, we are even looking into agility classes.  We are often complemented on what a well-behaved and well-mannered dog Oscar is, and we give a lot of that credit to Scott and the terrific team at Woofgang's.  We believe firmly that it was their kindness, love for what they do, and affection for Oscar that gave him such a great start to life in our family!  Thank you very much!!

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