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My name is Scott Stauffer I have over 18 years of training experience, working with owners and dogs in real life situations. You name it and I will help you and your dog get through it! I can handle ALL dogs, ALL temperaments. I use the same training techniques on AGGRESSIVE dogs, e.g. dog on dog, leash aggression, people aggression, resource guarding, etc. Maybe you are looking to have a Service Dog for yourself? Maybe a brush up? I will work with you and your dogs to meet the needs of your lifestyle using the same techniques regardless of size, breed or temperament.

Scott works in an open play group Doggie Daycare, where he oversees 80-100 dogs on a daily basis. He makes sure every dog plays well with each other. He helps new dogs not feel overwhelmed when they come in for the first time. He assists in interviewing each dog to make sure they are eligible for doggie daycare by testing their temperament thru non-traditional testing. This means dogs don't feel the need to act scared or defend themselves. He helps show dogs that if they are in fact scared or overwhelmed, they can come to him first instead of showing teeth and "telling" the other dog to back off.

2nd2no1 K9 Life Coach offers Positive Reinforcement/Redirection Techniques. Yes, that means reward based training--whether that be a treat, ball or other means. No Chain Collars, Prong Collars or Shock Collars. I will help YOU build a STRONG training foundation no matter how long you have had your dog!

I offer private training sessions, group classes, and Service Dog Training for people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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